Fit in February – Week Three

Can you believe that we are nearing the end of yet another month of this year?! Utterly crazy how fast the time is going, which has its good and bad points in my view. This week has to have been the hardest of all so far but I was still determined to make small changes where ever possible!


Step up your Game

Now that the weather is picking up (slowly) it is time to take a step out of the comfort of your home, dawn on your warm clothing, and breathe in the fresh air. Enjoying a brisk walk or even turning it into a jog or run!
I confess, I am such a seasonal runner, there is not any chance of me going out for a run when it is super cold outside! But it is still important for me to keep my cardio at a good level, so I have done my best to increase the amount of walking I do.
Working so much doesn’t give me a lot of time at home to walk with Bella (my beautiful dog) but any spare time has been spent getting in some steps! Also adding on a little longer onto my warm-up before working out has helped me, and I did notice a difference come the end of the week.
What ever your method, just make sure it gets your heart pumping and joints moving, just as nature intended. It is recommended we all need to do at least 30 minutes of activity everyday to stay healthy, so that leaves you with around 8 hours of the working day to do what ever else you need to!


Power Up

Having recently wrote a blog post on this subject, it felt right to include it in this week’s challenges. Protein is super important for optimal health, whether you are male, female, young, or mature – there is always a need for it. I have been aiming to get in  a good amount of protein at each of the three meals every day, to keep my body’s hormones level and replenish my muscles, especially when training. It has been something I have kept consistent for a while now, however with a busy work schedule it can still be tough to get it all in!

My best tip is to prepare your meals and snacks for the days ahead when you are busy, because then you have everything to hand for you to stay on target.


Opportunity in Disguise

This is one of my favourite sayings and one that got me through to where I am today. Viewing your circumstance in a new light, and transform your future into something that you never even thought of. I am a big believer in fate, and because of my illness, I am now stronger than ever before, and aiming to make a difference to other people’s lives.

However this week has really put my strength to the test, as my symptoms of depression have grown more powerful, consuming my every thought. Even when there has been incredible and even breath-taking moments, my mind continued to have an ash cloud over my vision for the future. But by keeping to week one’s challenge of ‘3 positive things’ in a day, as well as adding to my memory jar, I can see that there has been far greater moments of happiness than low.

You may not be where you wish to be yet, but what ever you are at in life, there is hope, and where there is hope, there is opportunity to change.

We are three quarters of our way through this series of challenges, make the final week the BEST one yet! x

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