Fit in February – Week Two

Second week in and it is definitely not as easy as I had imagined for myself personally. Even though I have made changes to the way I plan out my days, my mindset is the one still holding me back from making that real transition. However, the benefits of this week’s challenges, have certainly helped me through and set me up for the weeks to follow. By taking the time out to put myself first, I have noticed differences in my actions towards negativity already.

Stretch and Relax 

I have been meaning to start practising yoga for months now, as I have a dear friend who does so daily and it has helped her to find inner peace and contentment with so much. You put these things off for so long, because you fear that you will be the odd one that it doesn’t work out for, or that you feel your time is better spent else where. Well what better way to spend your time than investing it back into yourself?!

This has really helped me to understand what my body is feeling, and trying to tell me. Whether it is physically or mentally, I have been able to evaluate myself and act accordingly, in my best interests rather than egnoring it.

To get me started, I signed up to Yoogaia, a yoga app that allows you to take part in live classes around the world, that can be replayed again. You can even set an alarm to tell yourself to practice a certain session. Due to my schedule classes are not easy to fit in, so having this option was super helpful, especially when you receive a 7 day free trial – though I do feel that isn’t long enough.

 Rise and Shine – Fuel for the day ahead

Though I never skip breakfast, it is still important to have variety in your mornings, especially when consuming whey products, as this can cause digestive stress. Your body has gone for several hours with no food, so it is why you need to BREAK that FAST! 
Not having a thing for breakfast can lead your body to go to a catabolic state and cause cortisol levels to rise. This is not helpful for hormonal stability, and energy levels can dip quite dramatically making you want to turn to that instant sugar hit at mid-morning, or later on that day.

There are so many delicious ways to enjoy a nutritious breakfast, just check out my Instagram for inspiration. Just introduce small meals to begin with, including wholesome  and unprocessed food sources so that you are giving your body what it needs.

Motivational Mood Board  

We work really well with visual ques, hence why advertising is so effective. Using this simple technique for your goals, creating a mood board of all the things you want to work towards, can help you to do just that. Put the board in a place you will see every day and the gentle reminders will change your attitude and therefore your actions towards your dreams.

I have mine on my bedroom wall just before I leave the room, it is also in view from my bed so that is what I can see last thing at night or first thing in a morning. During this dark period, having these images has supported positive thinking and kept me on track. I highly recommend this activity for any sort of plan.

Stay in the loop as the third week commences by subscribing to my newsletter where you will receive the three challenges for the third week!

Be mindful and stay positive x

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