Fit in February – Week One 

First week of February is coming to an end, and with it comes the end of my first ‘Fit in February’ Challenges! As promised, this is a review of how I got on with each of the tasks, and what I thought of them.

Workout – HiiT 

Link for the video by clicking on the photo above!

This was a good one for me to focus on during my times of struggle, as I always find it difficult to become motivated to do a long workout when feeling low. Having a short timed session that can be done anywhere, any time, made the excuses disappear! The workout is challenging, no doubt about it, especially if you are new to this way of training. However, it is suitable for everyone to get stuck into a new way of moving your body and increasing your heart rate.

For me, HiiT is a great way to mix my workouts, because it can involve so many different variables. This has made me realise the benefits of short but intense workouts can give so many benefits, that you don’t get from long endurance activity.

Nutrition – Drink a More Water

Super important whether you workout a lot or not, our bodies require a constant replenishment of water to keep us functioning healthily. What helped me the most above anything was always having a bottle of water handy, at all times. It made me aware that I needed to keep drinking water throughout the day, even though I wanted a coffee! Actually, when you drink caffiene, it is even more essential you drink water, as caffiene dehydrates you!

On average I was drinking  at least 2 litres of water a day, which is pretty good going, but I know I need to improve and get up to 3 litres – the challenges are here to set you up not to complete for a week and not to bother again, we are always a working progress.

Mindset – 3 Positive Things

Probably the best of he three challenges for me, as I needed this focus on positivity every single day, to help me get through the week. In my last post I told of how depression has hit me, and pretty hard.  Whether you suffer from a mental illness or not, practicing mindfulness is fundamental for a happy soul. It makes you more aware of yourself, and therefore you can see more clearly what you need to work on.

I managed to get three points every day, even on my darkest days, showing you that there is light in every situation. Sure they may have been generalised like “grateful for my family’s support” but I needed to remember the foundations of why keep going. No matter what the three positives are, they are your positive points, no one else’s, so don’t judge them based on someone else.

I am look it forward to a new set of challenges and building up towards healthier body and mind. Though I may be going through a tough period, I am trying to use these goals as my focus. I hope that you start to notice the benefits too – let me know if you are going to take part in the second week’s challenges!

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