The Growing Health Catastrophe

In recent light, it has been brought to our attention that women’s health is at a critical point, whereby lives are seriously being put at risk.

The annual report conducted by the Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davis is extremely extensive, there is much to be taken from it and expressed to the public as a whole. So this is my personal overview of just some of what was covered, and I hope you find it helpful.

After waking up to this in the BBC News, I was taken back by the figures and facts compiled by Dame Sally Davis. She puts these issues raised as a “growing health catastrophe” – and she is not wrong at all.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 20.13.15.png

There are so many unspoken health conditions the women of the UK suffer with, which in affect keeps the crisis growing bigger and bigger, created more impact on those who have to live with these problems.

One of the major highlights brought up was to huge danger obesity is opposing on women’s health. Not only is it harder for your organs to function optimally, their is a stronger chance of obese women developing diabetes, physical complications and diseases such as cancer. Also it can even influence the growth of an unborn child, and how its health will be throughout its life.

Though it doesn’t stop there, being over-weight effects your mental health as well as physical. In turn, this will impact on their self-confidence, self-esteem. This was said by Sally Davis, to be made a “national priority” and must be acted upon.

I am also extremely pleased to see that eating disorder treatments have been mentioned as a cause for concern. Many of those who suffer, do so in silence and do not seek treatment for the shame and embarrassment. This is not to say that with the correct intervention eating disorders can be prevented completely, but that earlier signs can stop the downfall of someone’s chances of recovery in the long-term.  Though the UK is known internationally for it’s research in this field, the NHS is providing a poor delivery of treatment, to which I myself have had to go through. It leads to increased distress on both the sufferer and their family, causing the rate of deterioration to increase rapidly.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 20.19.55.png

Other health related issues needing to be addressed include gender-based violence and the importance of mental and physical health for pre and postnatal women, for the sake of their unborn child and their future. Though I am aware that their are even more health conditions that are needed to be taken into context, but hopefully this can be the start of making a positive difference to all areas in women’s health.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 20.18.18.png

The points that have been made in this report have been incredibly enlightening for me as a personal trainer, as well as a woman. It has given me more hope for the representation of women’s health in the UK to be acted on more, changing lives in the process.

I believe we should all be able to have a happy and for-filling life, being content with our body and mind. Yet what is preventing us from doing such things, is the lack of knowledge, support and care within our countries health services to aid these necessary changes. I am willing the suggestions of Sally Davis to be implemented into our health care systems to improve the quality of our lives.




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