Education leads to Success

As I sit here at my kitchen table, my mind is still taking in all of the information that was provided yesterday. For those who will have seen my Instagram and Twitter posts, I was attending a business course, with Lifestyle Fitness at The Midland Hotel in Manchester. Though I was pre-warned about the amount of knowledge I was going to be presented with, nothing could have quite prepared me for the emotional impact it would have.

The trip there was bright and early, ready to be there for bob on 9:00am. Waiting for the day to begin, I was both anxious and excited to find out more about the industry my career is based on. One of the main reasons I felt anxious was because the founder of Lifestyle Fitness, Andy McGlynn was going to be speaking, educating us all on what his company’s ethos is about and ow the support and guidance of the UK’s leading PT company can give you the foundations to become extremely successful.


So when we were all finally settled down in the conference room, everything I thought possible about my goals, was about to escalade into bigger and better ones. Right from the start, I was completely captivated by the wealth of knowledge in the room, I was amazed by what possibilities the future has to bring. Hearing directly from Andy was priceless.


This was one of the many influential quotes that I have taken from the day. Napoleon Hill was an Author who was around in the era of the ‘New Thought Movement’ and his legacy has created some of this worlds leading entrepreneurs. Opportunity is disguised as misfortune, as there is so much to learn from hardship and adversity, but it is how we deal with these unfortunate experiences that makes the difference between success and defeat. Having gone through some of the worst mental battles you could ever have with yourself, I truly believe in this statement as without my attitude change towards my circumstances, I would have never grown stronger in body and mind, to recover from an eating disorder. With this in mind, it is this positive mindset that I will continue to carry with me throughout the rest of my life. Of course there will be days where everything seems bleak, but we all have those, it is how you act from them that counts.


When we had to introducing ourselves to the rest of the group, it was my opinion of mindset being the fundamental key to achieving balance in all areas of your life, that sparked off this wonderful nugget of information from Andy. He explained in more depth that our make-up can be split into these for areas; physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Each one of them playing apart in the other, which is why it is so important that we take more time to learn more about ourselves. By understanding our triggers for distress, pain and confusion, we can begin to correct these pathways and create a more positive link with ourselves as well as any external factors that come our way. In order for me to become as successful as I dream of being, I need to take better action using this method to see where my weakness and strengths lie, to utilise them all to my advantage.

As well has positive coaching, there talks from other incredibly successful individuals who are apart of Lifestyle Fitness, sharing their knowledge and experiences with us, which opened my eyes to so many other avenues that I hadn’t thought of before. Jake Flanagan-Carter a Physical Specialist in Chesterfield, presented a wide variety of facts about the biological side to being a personal trainer, so much so my head was spinning around in circles trying to digest it all! But it proved to me that I have so much more to learn about, and even when I know more, it couldn’t possibly stop there. I will never stop learning, we all won’t and that is what we have to embrace rather than regret as another obstacle in our way. Knowledge is power, and with power comes success, in what ever form you choose.


Also Ryan J Collier introduced me to the new revelation that is going to take the fitness industry by storm. He is the owner of Genefit, a DNA testing service that will provide you with so much valuable information that can change your life for ever. By discovering what your unique cues are, you can tailor your training, nutrition and mindset to becoming a healthier more empowered person. I am very lucky to have been given two DNA testing kits that I will be using for myself an a client, so that I can see exactly how much of a difference it can make to my lifestyle as well as improving my quality of service for my client. There will be a full blog post featured on this test very soon so please keep up to date!


Amongst all of this, there was practical assessments, social media advice, book references (as if I didn’t take away enough notes) and most of all, motivation. Hearing directly from Andy was priceless. His personal story is one to admire, because he has overcome a lot to be where he is today, which goes to prove no matter where you start off, it doesn’t mean you can’t reach the stars. Though our paths are different, it gives me hope that I too can have an influential life in this world. No matter what scale that may be, there is no stopping me from making it all possible.

You too can take something away from this course, whether you are deciding to go to university, moving away from home, going for that interview, or starting up your own business like me, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Your thoughts create tour actionspositive thoughts means positive outcomes.


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