Becoming a Personal Trainer – The Beginning

Hands down, this has been one of the most difficult and thrilling decisions I have had to make when it comes to the direction my life will take. Though it has not been a life-long dream, it was a sudden calling to support others through health and fitness, improving their quality of life and self-confidence in the process.

The journey to where I am today has caused a lot of heartache, tears, fear and destress, however I couldn’t be more grateful for the struggles because they have made me more determined to succeed in life, impacting on the world in a positive light. So in pursuit of this, my days as a personal trainer have begun and my emotions are all over the place.


Week one has gone by so suddenly, in the blink of an eye I was on my first opening shift, in charge of managing the gym single-handedly! But the thrill is so contagious, so despite the tiredness I feel from the week gone by, I am more alive inside, with so many ambitions to achieve.

Sharing how I am learning and growing my business as a personal trainer, is in the hope that you can get a clearer understanding of what it take to make it (or break it) in the fitness industry. Far too many people become PT’s with blurred vision and don’t fully grasp the demands of owning your own business, raising awareness to potential clients, keeping top on finances and rental agreements etc. Sure, I did have this wonderful idea that I would just get a place in a gym, magically get a load of clients and have a stable income doing what I love the most. However, because I have to search deep into anything before I commit, it wasn’t too long before I found out the importance of being proactive 24/7 specially in the early stages of starting your own business.


As I begun my Level 2 course with PT Academy it was there in black and white, just what I was undertaking, and I am extremely grateful that I took the time to research before starting what essentially will be the rest of my career (with any luck!). There is nothing easy about being a personal trainer, that I can tell you for sure, and I am not even in the thick of it yet. Endless to-do lists daily, before you even get around to your household chores. If I am being honest, my bedroom hasn’t had a good clean in months because I have plowed myself into getting the best start I possibly can. But I am prioritising which is key to getting anything done. Yes, it is a working progress and I will eventually find a good routine for myself to complete everything that is needed to be done. In the mean time if my shelves get a little dusty but by client base increases, I will not be complaining.

Already had a little break-down mid-week over the pressures I am inflicting on myself along with external factors. It is only natural to doubt yourself, but you need to learn to control these doubts, so that you can evaluate the best way to handle the next steps. After some reassurance from my fellow PT’s and family, I feel a lot more comfortable in approaching business matters – well just about!

Since launching my Facebook page, I have had a number of consultations with clients coming from the already, that is proving to me that I do have it within me to do well. But there still isn’t enough to guarantee a good income at the end of the month, which is why you I need to find another source to generate a little more money, to tide me over until there is a stable client base. But I am okay with this, it takes time. This isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon, and I am in it for the long-hail. Come rain or shine, this is where my passion lies, and I will do everything it takes to give my clients the best guidance and support possible.


On that note, I have already had to encounter a hard choice with a client. They have suffered with a medical condition that has dramatically changed their whole life, leading to many physical and mental problems. After the consultation, I looked further into my clients condition, only to discover that I need to be a specialist instructor to care for an individual with these conditions. Well I knew straight away what I had to do; refer them to see a specialist in that field. Health comes first before any financial gain, even in these early stages I will not ever take the risk of someones welfare in order for me to make a living, that is not what I am about. Immediately contacted my head PT and mentor, who said to speak more in-depth with the regional manager, to which she confirmed my conclusion to this issue. She was really impressed with how I have handled this situation and fully understood my reasoning, knowing I am not suitably qualified to care for this particular client. For as much as I would love to help, there are limitations on what I can do and that is a hard fact to swallow for some. Now that I have more knowledge about such clients, I can act sooner to prevent any further confusion. I am so proud of myself – not sorry to say it.


To top the first week off, I had to open the gym up single-handedly, which was a daunting prospect because there is so much that could go wrong! However, I woke up (so early mind) cool as a cucumber and successfully opened up without one problem. Yes, I may be classed as an adult, but I still these things as amazing achievements! Plus, I had to cover a core class, for the first time EVER! I have had previous experience teaching a group workout, so it was a case of throwing myself in the deep end and facing this head on. Though I was beyond nervous (actually contemplated running out the door!) it went really well! The members enjoyed it, finding my routine challenging. Some came up to me and said “you wouldn’t have known you were new to this, you looked so natural” – smiling like a cheshire  cat, I couldn’t have been happier about it.


Documenting my progress will not only help you see what it is like, it is a great way for me to reflect on how I am doing, the way my attitude changes and most importantly, how well am I doing at helping others to improve their health and wellbeing. Let me know if there is anything you would like to know more about, and questions you want answering (if any) or else I will simply ramble away like I usually do!

In summary, life is a roller coaster of emotions right now and I am enjoying the ride.

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