Girl Gains – Train or Treat

You would think I live in London for the amount of times I talk about events going on there, but do not be fooled, I am just very passionate about sharing my love for health and fitness with other like-minded people. There is no better way to do so than attending one of the incredible #GirlGains events! This one was in celebration of Halloween called ‘Train or Treat’, and it was there biggest to date.

Once again I was reduced to a sweaty mess thanks to Tally Rye’s workout session combining HiiT with strength training which I loved. There is something so wonderful about group session, especially led by this beauty, that gives me the determination to improve my confidence and start teaching for myself!


Of course the main star of the day had to be the food, which was this time brought to us by The Good Treat and Protein Haus. I had not really heard anything about either of these companies but I certainly won’t be forgetting them too soon! The mini meals were divine, I particularly loved the shredded chicken, red pepper with courgetti with pumpkin seeds (to which I had about two-three servings!)  and also sampling black rice for the first time!


But I cannot get over how insane the Protein Haus Pumpkin Pie smoothie was! It is simply the best smoothie I have ever had. Super creamy and packed with a beautiful blend of flavours in every sip. If only I did live closer.


One of my favourite parts is the talk, because it is a chance to voice our stories and share inspirational advice from them, so we can all grow stronger together. It was a delight that we had Charlie Launder as a guest speaker, who told us all about her remarkable journey through breast cancer, and how she handled her gymnastic career despite facing such hardship. Charlie really is a marvellous example of what determination means. She has sparked my motivation to pursue any ambitions that I wish to chase, regardless of what I feel is in the way.


Another huge bonus for me personally was getting to meet the founders of Sports Philosophy, Stella and Matthias. I do believe I must have rambled on a little too much to them about how much I adore their ethos, and also to thank them personally for asking me to take part in their campaign #MySportsPhilosophy. They are built on foundations of giving something back to this world, especially those who are less fortunate than we are. They have a bright future ahead of them and I wish them all the best.


Seeing new and familiar faces was wonderful, to think that I wouldn’t have met these people if it wasn’t for social media bringing us closer is mind blowing. Though at times, it can be abused, to me the positives of social media completely outweigh the negative and that is why I am always going to be pro-active with it throughout my career.

If you are reading this Tally, Vicki and Zanna, I want to thank you all for hosting another incredible event and cannot wait to see where you are going to take #GirlGains next! I have taken a lot a way from this event that I didn’t do before. There were a number of ideas generating thanks to having yet another fantastic time. Just wait and see what I have planned. If I can make these things happen, it is going to be unbelievable.

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