Self Motivation

Quite often you will come across people who say that they struggle to motivate themselves to get up and get active, you may even be one of them! This a factor as to why I wanted to become a personal trainer. Unfortunately, it is all too common across the UK and around the world, with technology booming, fast-food being more accessible than ever and work demands being ever more time-consuming, I can understand why so many find it difficult to get in their recommended activity every day. But you can fit in, it is all down to your mindset towards it. I want to share a few tips with you on how to change your feelings towards self-motivation and get that essential activity and good nutrition in your life, to improve your overall health and fitness.


I want to write down the four things that take up most of your life, this could be anything from work, family, hobbies, relationships, and activities. Now note down WHY you put so much time into these four things. Do you spend too much time on certain things that could be using up energy for something else you want to include? If you discover that you have an area that brings too much stress, think of ways to make this problem more manageable or even go away altogether.
Writing down a to-do list is something that I religiously do every day because it helps me to see what needs to be done that day or during the week. This makes you accountable for getting stuff done because they are no longer plans floating around in your mind. You can prioritise in what order you do things and when the best time will be. Then as you go along, enjoy crossing out a task as it helps to make to see what you have actually achieved.

Emotional Influences

Leading on from what your priorities are, there is a clear link towards your mood and how you act towards them. How you feel will have a massive effect on how productive you are in your day, so the key is to find out a way of handling the stressful situations and demands that you have to face. We are entitled to our low days, its human nature! But I always say that it is what you do to solve your dip in motivation. Facing up to adversity is one of the toughest but most rewarding things you can do for yourself. That sense of overcoming an obstacle in your life makes for a stronger more confident you.
Read inspirational books, articles, or listen to podcasts to hear about how others tackle problems and become better off. I have read countless stories of transformations, which have all had a say in my own life. Sometimes it is about appreciating your surroundings, go for a walk in the countryside, spend time with loved ones, relax with a good bath to take your mind away from the stress you are under. It can help to clear space to see you can feel better, and there is hope for change.
Sure this isn’t an overnight process, but I am a believer in ‘faking it until you make it’ – at the beginning of my recovery I had a really hard time seeing that I can actually get better. So I literally used to say to myself ‘I will get better, I am worthy of happiness, there is nothing stopping me but myself’  so I would put in the actions and strangely enough, it actually worked!


Think small to achieve big 

We all guilty of setting the bar too high straight away. Starting my personal training business I have already made plans for the next year to grow my success in helping others, but where I am going wrong is I am expecting too much too soon. My mind is running wild with ideas, things to do, and dreams to become reality, however, led this is only causing unnecessary pressure, wasting energy that could actually be turned into something that makes a small difference for long-term achievements.
Thinking too much about where you want to be, can lead you to hate your position right now. This is such a saddening thought, because by longing for the end before you have barely begun is hardly going to make you want to do anything. You will not be your best place now, but we must all start from somewhere. So take a step back from the big ambitions and think about what little steps you need to take in order to reach the end result.


Surround yourself with positivity

It is perfectly okay to ask for support, there should never be any shame in it because you are taking action to improve yourself. Whether it be a family member, friend, colleague or a professional, having someone else there to help you can do wonders to your motivation to change. That other person can be there to remind you when you find it hard to carry on, that you can and will do what you set out to do. This is something I aim to be for all my clients so they never feel that they are in this alone.
Sometimes it is your environment that has a negative impact on your willingness to do anything different. Choose where you spend you time wisely, because no matter what the benefits may be, if it is not helping you feel good about yourself, do not put yourself in that position if possible.

Finally know that what ever anyone says to you, so long as you are committed to your dreams, you will make them happen. Self-belief is learnt from within, not something we are born with. So don’t be defeated because you can’t trust your abilities yet, it will come in time. Trust me.



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