My Sports Philosophy

For those of you who haven’t heard of them, ‘Sports Philosophy‘ are a London based sportswear brand, producing high-quality performance wear, uniting comfort and style in your workout and beyond. But they are so much more than just another activewear brand. They are constantly pushing for creativity and a positive energy in the fitness industry. What makes them so unique, is that they have combined for-profit and non-profit to support the fight against child labour, which is such a wonderful thing to know.


‘Sports Philosophy’ are always there to encourage and inspire other entrepreneurs (like myself) to do the same as they have and grow a powerful community of positivity. So it is such an honour to say that ‘Sports Philosophy’ have asked me to become a part of their campaign #mysportsphilosophy and I am writing to share what I believe in. The campaign aims to inspire people to live a health, balanced lifestyle and show that the health and fitness industry brings such irreplaceable positivity to people.


“Born from adversity comes inspiring individuals”

This feels like the most relate message to portray, through my own journey towards health and fitness. To get where I am today has taken tremendously hard work, and now that the battles are almost won, I am so thankful for the hardship. Though it was not always the same, there were many time where it all got too much and I couldn’t see any hope. But I kept telling myself that I would be better for all the pain, tears and destress. Each day, was an effort to defeating the demons and negative things in my life and striving forward to a happier place.

Let nothing stop you from living the life you dream of. Adversity is what makes the most remarkable people so admirable. Their tough times have shaped them, and moulded out the paths they were truly destined for, so who’s to say that can’t be you?

I only hope that I can make a difference to this world, even in the smallest of ways. In fact that dream has already happened, as several people have contacted me and told me how much they have been inspired by my journey and that they too are working hard to overcome their problems. It is a feeling like no other, so it is one that I want to repeat throughout the rest of my days.

Hope you find your own sports philosophy too and share it with us all.

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