Becoming A Personal Trainer

Writing these words out is one of the most remarkable things I have ever done. It sounds so silly, but knowing that what I am about to reveal to you all is actually true, couldn’t make me any more excited for the future holds.

Lifestyle Fitness

As of 20th October, I am going to become a personal trainer at Lifestyle FitnessHaving qualified as Level 2, I knew that I couldn’t stop learning the moment I got started, so as part of my package with ‘PT Academy’ I signed up for a Level 3 qualification to gain as much knowledge about the industry I am going to be working in. Not only that, I want to be the greatest support I can to my clients, because that is what matters to me more than anything. I dream of making a difference to so many people’s lives and using this career path, I believe that it can be achieved.

Over the past couple of weeks since qualifying, I have taken my search for a job role more seriously, and stopped at nothing to find out where the best place was going to be for me personally. In order for a good start, I really believe that you need to take the time out, to select the most suitable place for you to work at as a self-employed personal trainer. It comes down to several important factors about the gym you are applying for. But the number one focus, that I have discovered during this process, is understanding the ethos of the gym that you are applying for. So with plenty of centres in my local area to choose from, I definitely had my work cut out and narrowing it down.

Fast-forward to a few days ago, when I was listening to an inspirational podcast, I plucked the courage up to contact the legend that is Paul Mort and ask him for advice on what to do for the best. Little did I think that he would actually bother responding to me within the hour! He simply stated:

‘forget about money for a second- which one would you LOVE to work from REGARDLESS of finances’

The answer came to me as easy as breathing. Sometimes is takes someone else to make you really see where your heart lies. For this I am so  proud of myself, for taking a risk of bothering one of the busiest men in the fitness marketing industry. Plus I do owe Paul Mort a lot for building that confidence in me to do so, and to carry that with me to the interview process.


Lifestyle Fitness are the leading PT company in the UK, and have an unrivalled business support package for all personal trainers that join them. The company has a wonderful drive to motivate the individual to become the best they can be. There comprehensive 3 stage interview process allows them to select the ideal trainers to become apart of their family. It was such a nerve-racking experience because this was going to test my abilities to become a great personal trainer. However after 2 hours, I came out on top of the world. The manager of the Fenton,Stoke branch, was extremely impressed with me and complimented me on my high standards of member engagement and sales techniques. Also the regional manager was incredibly surprised at my level of knowledge already, even questioning me as to whether I had already done my Level 3! As you can imagine, my smile was like a cheshire cat. They really believe that I can excel with them and I am determined to make it so.

As of November, I will be working there full-time and gaining hands on experience of what is takes to be a personal trainer. Despite all the self-doubts and negativity, I am actually doing this.

Here’s to the future!

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