Mind Over Matter – World Mental Health Day 2015

Imagine this; all that you know, have, love and live for is put into question. Up until then, thoughts about such things didn’t create such an impact, but now you it is all you are consumed with. Minute after minute, is pain-staking torture, as you mull over everything with a fine tooth comb, no space to even breathe, for the room in your mind is filled with a dark and unknown fear. You analysis your entire being, picking at all your negatives, beating yourself up over the imperfections that you see. There is nothing positive to generate about who you are, because your mind as been taken over.


When I was first diagnosed with my mental illness, I didn’t have a clue as to how much it could change you. Life as I knew it, had vanished. All that I felt was alien to me, making me panic and feel more distressed because I didn’t know how to handle any of the emotions that were happening to me. Although it may not be the same for all, I can certainly say that nothing could quite prepare me for what was to come.


To mark World Mental Health Day 2015 I wanted to share a few of my thoughts with you, in aid of trying to build up some more awareness that is sorely needed. One in three of us will experience some form of mental health illness within our life time. Yet, still we are not all as knowledgable on the subject as we are with other major illnesses. Each year, more people are affected, ranging from children to the elderly, there is nobody that is cannot affect. With very little information and support about what they are experiencing, it can be an extremely painful beginning to the battle.

Through personal experience of the unbelievable short fall in professional help, as well as those around me having a lack of knowledge about my illness, I know exactly what it is like to try and fight against the thoughts, when there is no physical signs of the horrific nightmare that mental illness brings. You can’t always see it, sometimes the person themselves is completely unaware, of exactly the problems that they have. It took a very long time for me to realise this for myself, that just because they may look the picture of health, doesn’t always mean they are okay.


No matter what form of illness a person may have, they should still be treated with equal amounts of care and attention, from both sides. I cannot express how fundamental this is for someone to begin their journey to recovery. But for all the will in the world from loved ones, carers, professionals, if the person themselves is not willing to change their ways the battle cannot be defeated.

One of the hardest lessons I have learned was that I had to be the one to save myself in the end. Regardless of the failing care I was receiving from services, ultimately I had to ignite the flame and light the way for a better path in life. It is not easy, but not impossible. You must believe that you are capable of overcoming anything that gets in your way, because you truly are. I am not just saying it, as a human race we are all genetically built to survive and work out how to improve ourselves. Do not allow yourself to bow down to something that is far less powerful that who you are.

Whether you are going through mental health related problems yourself, or no someone who is, just remember that we should always see ‘mind over matter’. This is a quote that I believe in so deeply, because we need to look at the bigger picture in order to know the full story. We need to search for a good balance for ourselves to deal with difficulties in a much more manageable way. Instead of piling everything on top of one another, separate them, so you can look at each one more clearly. If you are finding it hard to cope, please do not fear asking for help. Another hard lesson to learn, is that you can’t always do it alone. Getting someone’s view can not only help the situation, but make you understand where the issue is coming from and how best to change it. Also goink of face value is never the best way to improve situations. Don’t base anything purely on aesthetics because they don’t last. True beauty, is everlasting and shines from the inside. We are here for a reason, making yourself count.

Whatever stage you are at in life stay strong, don’t ever give up. The fight is worth it, trust me.

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