Overcome with Pride


After seeing one of Tom Bilyeu’s outstanding messages to us all (click name to read), my heart was filled with an enormous sense of pride for myself, as it was a moment of realisation of just how far I have really come.

We really do strive for a life without a care in the world, never having to do anything too tasking or demanding of our physical or mental abilities. We just feel the need to end the struggles we face on a daily basis, and rest to wait for things to happen. But as Tom put it so beautifully, we are seeking the struggle itself.

In order to feel any sense of relief, peace or fulfilment, we need to face the battles that are in our way. There are so many times when we just want to through in the towel, because the fight seems to much to bare, we see no hope in wasting our efforts on trying when it seems the inevitable will happen. But let me tell you this, giving up will never be the answer.

Speaking from experience, I know all to well what it is like when all seems lost, and there is not a chance of anything getting better. But what was stopping the change was my mindset towards the challenges that faced me. I was capable of turning myself around, yet I was not ready to see this.  Becoming self-defeated is all too easy sometimes, when you are so deep into the negative. This is not to say you are weak, or can’t be bothered, it is that you have not given yourself enough time to see that the struggles alone will bring you that freedom you crave.

Whether it is a relationship, a project, a career prospect, a physical or mental challenge you face, you need to deal with it, stand strong and give everything you have in order to make it work out in your benefit. Nothing can’t be resolved or worked on, it is how we think about it that is the biggest challenge of all. You need to see that you are here for a reason, and that reason is to make a difference becoming who you really want to be. Each and everyone of us is worthy of feeling that our lives have been worth it, so don’t rest until that is the case.

Since I have overcome the worst of my eating disorder and managed to work out how to cope with hardships a lot better, there is no shame when I say how proud that makes me. Though that is not to say I have stopped my journey along the yellow brick road to recovery. Nor do I feel is could ever end, as life will forever be filled with barriers and setbacks. I will always be pushing myself forward, giving it every last part of me to reaching those goals, because I know what that elated sensation is like when you finally get to where you wanted to be. That is something that I dream of repeating again and again until the very end of my time.

We are never done learning about ourselves and how to improve our own world. Do not give up.

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