#GirlGains Event

Something extraordinary happened a week ago that I will not forget. Once again I found myself travelling alone to London for the night. It is remarkable to look back at how much I have grown in this past year. My confidence and attitude towards life has increased dramatically and it is allowing me to for-fill plans on a more regular basis. Though this wasn’t a tourist visit to my favourite city, it was to attend the biggest #GirlGains event at the WheyHey offices in Clapham.

I will not lie and tell you I wasn’t nervous, because that would be a slight understatement. Not only was I attending this event on my own, I also didn’t know a single attendee before hand! This in itself is a milestone in my recovery, as I have never been able to go somewhere without knowing that there is someone else there. But the moment I arrived, all my fears blew away out of the door.


It was a warm welcome by the beautiful ladies Zanna, Tally and Vic, which was a pleasure to see them all again. After signing in, the social skills I have long been developing, kicked in and I started to talk amongst the rest of the group. Getting to know a little bit about everyone of them, that I managed to talk to, was a wonderful experience, and it made me realise that there are so many like-minded people out there. It is thanks to an event like this (and social media) that we can join together and share our passions.

Without going into too much detail, the HiiT workout put together and led by Tally was insane! It was one of the hardest sessions that I have ever done. But throughout the entire session, I felt an incredible energy in the room that spurred me on and kept me focused on getting the most out of myself as possible. So much so, that I managed to create a sweaty Pacman with my bum on the concrete floor, when we were cooling down outside! Not that the workout wasn’t hard enough, the girls had us competing for amazing prizes in two different challenges! The first one was  who could could hold the longest plank (I managed a respectable 5th – rather proud) and then who could do most press ups (I opted out since I am still rubbish at them!). The girls that won were beasts, I was blown away by there strength, despite just being but through the mill with that workout!


Now to the most important part of the whole thing, the food! There was so much insanely delicious food and snacks to be had, it wasn’t hard to resist giving the whole lot a go! For our post-workout snacks we had a selection of protein treats from WheyHey Ice cream, Bounce Balls and Supernatural smoothies, juices and energy balls. Though the highlight has to be Emily Young’s energy balls (IG – @emilys_journal). They are unbelievably moorish! They tasted like a soft chocolate sponge yet are healthy! Really could have sat all day long eating them beauties.


Then there was around 45 minutes of relaxation and pamper time on offer for all of us girls to treat ourselves too, along with more snacking! Though I didn’t get chance to have my hair beautifully plaited, I did get a quick manicure from City Swish (IG – @city_swish) and they were amazing and have managed to last nearly a full week without them all chipping!

Dinner came around super fast, which was kindly provided for us by Fresh Fitness Food of London (IG – @freshfitnessfood) We had succulent chicken kebabs with a seasoned quinoa mix and some protein treats. All of it was delicious, especially the vanilla protein balls. It seems the best things that I enjoyed involved balls, cheeky!


One of the highlights of the entire day, was the afternoon Q and A hosted by none other than the beautiful Chessie King. It was an opportunity to get to know the three ladies a little bit more, with questions from us attendees (mostly mine which I felt so embarrassed about). There was tears and laugher throughout, and the connection between us was indescribable but felt wonderful. To have an insight into Zanna, Tally and Vic’s journeys in their own words, was a privilege and filled me with so much inspiration to pursue my own path by achieving all my dreams.


Nothing could have prepared me for that day, it was unlike anything I imagined it would be. To look back at photographs that new friends post,  and know I was actually there, is truly an amazing feeling. I am so glad to have met so many fantastic and motivated individuals who all have different ambitions, but one shared goal; to empower others to better themselves.


Thank you to all of those who were involved in the making of this event,but most of all those three ladies who are the founders of what looks to be an unstoppable movement.

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