Body Power

Since it is exactly a week ago that I was having an unforgettable weekend, that I should reflect on what I gained from it and how much positivity was generated.

If you’d have came up to me last year saying that you will be going to the gym, lifting weights, eating more food than ever before, and attending Europe’s largest fitness convention, I would have must likely laughed in your face. Not once in my life did if occur to me that I might actually join this amazing fitness industry, and embrace it more than any other sport I have been involved in. But there are many unpredictabilities that happen to you, some of them negatives but most of them will help you to be the best person you should be.

The entire weekend was surreal, from getting to spend it with two of my favourite people in the world for the first time, but also meeting so many fantastic people who I know through social media. Strange to think that my closest friends have been made through Instagram but I couldn’t be more grateful for it. It brings together people who share similar views, interests and best of all motivation to give others the boost they need to strive for what they love.

Meeting some of the most inspirational people in the industry was unbelieveable. Met so many people from Instagram I simply cannot name them all. One of the best moments was speaking with Nicola Whitehead from Nic’s Nutrition, who asked me to do some some filming for her whilst she was demonstrating, which I was so excited and nervous for! Such a wonderful lady who was beautifully down-to-earth.

Seeing athletes from Optimum Nutrition, Reflex Nutrition and Bodybuilding,com was such an honour. Though the one person who must be highlighted for me on a personal level is Kathleen Tesori from theBody Building stand. Her story has adversity that she has overcome to be where she is today, and the strength that she had to have to turn her life around has made her achieve such incredible things by helping others to aim to be the best they can be. It is attitudes like this that I admire so greatly, and aspire to each and every day.


As most of you may know from my posts on Instagram, I am obsessed with Quest Nutrition, so it comes as no shock that I paid several visits to their stand over the two days I was there. Each time, I received a warm welcome from the ambassadors there and even got to know a few more closely which is a blessing. Their company has transformed my world, my outlook and my passion to embrace life for what it should be; full of happiness. It sounds so silly to say that a brand can do that to a person, but in my case it is so true. Quest are not just about selling delicious protein products, they aim to make a difference and give something back to the people in need. I am blown away by the efforts that they go to, in order to make other’s lives better, such as giving someone a job who is struggling to get by. Ethics are everything for me, and that is way I am such a proud follower of their company.


One day, I too hope to make a difference. It may not be on the same scale as my inspirational influences, but however big my difference will be, it will be worth it. Over these years, I have learnt that it time waits for no-one, so every day should be seen as an opportunity to create something positive for others and most of all yourself. Take note of the good things that surround you, and look to them for confidence and confirmation that no matter what, you can find happiness.

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